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Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV)

It is our mission to provide and maximize the relief for Vietnamese children living in such poverty. HSCV provides support through specialized programs designed to enable every child to have a solid foundation and chance at a future. Specific to each child's need, our programs range from providing food, education, to medical assistance.

Founded in 2002, HSCV has grown to impacting thousands of Vietnamese. Located in Hanoi,Vietnam, HSCV reaches within the city and surrounding areas to give aid to poverty-stricken Vietnamese children. The diverse set of programs help children in orphanages, impoverished children and their families, and the physically and mentally disabled. Our objective is to is bring immediate assistance to those with urgent medical needs, but also invest in these children's futures, so that together we can end the cycle of poverty that persists.

We have a supportive team in Minneapolis,Minnesota which is comprised of the board of directors and working volunteers. The team actively works on fund-raising, marketing, and other support to assist and provide direction to the team in Vietnam.


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Số 8, 145E Phố Yên Phú, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
(04) 3715 1263
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