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The Kianh Foundation

Improving health, education and quality of life for children at Hoi An Orphanage, Vietnam.

The Kianh Foundation is a small UK charity helping disabled and disadvantaged children at Hoi An Orphanage in Hoi An, Central Vietnam. It has had a permanent presence at Hoi An Orphanage since 2002 and is the only organisation working full-time there to improve the lives of the children.

The Vietnamese Government own and run Hoi An Orphanage.

We work alongside the authorities and aim to improve the health, education and quality of life for the children there. We currently have 80 children in our care (the number fluctuates regularly), 37 of whom have a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, mainly Cerebral Palsy-related. We are striving to help each of them achieve their greatest potential in life, whatever that may be.

Unfortunately there is limited government funds available to support the children at Hoi An Orphanage. With the help of its supporters, the Kianh Foundation has therefore funded, and hopes to continue funding, the major projects at the Orphanage, with particular emphasis on the children with disabilities. These projects include the employment of 12 local Vietnamese people, provision of medicines and arrangement of surgeries, nutrition improvement, Special Education, Further Education support; providing and running a school room and play room for disabled children, Physiotherapy and building maintenance and repairs

As a non-profit organisation, we rely solely on voluntary donations to continue our projects at the Orphanage. We currently do not receive any government grants, loans or funding support

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88 Stornaway Square, Spring Cottage, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 9LL, United Kingdom
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