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A Call to Vietnam

Redmond, WA, 98053, USA

The Sisters of the Holy Names work in collaboration with the Sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross in Vietnam. These Sisters provide education to poor families and services for disabled children and adults, pregnant teens, elderly people, and people called to religious life.The Sisters of the ...
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ActionAid Vietnam (AAV)

Hà Nội, Việt Nam

ActionAid là một tổ chức quốc tế chống đói nghèo làm việc tại hơn 40 quốc gia, sát cánh cùng người nghèo để chấm dứt đói nghèo và bất công. ActionAid Quốc tế tại Việt Nam (AAV) là một bộ phận của ActionAid Quốc tế (AAI) và chuẩn ...
Chuyên mục:Hà Nội

Aid to Children Without Parents (ACWP)

San Jose, CA, 95119, USA

As a humanitarian organization, ACWP’s mission is to help disadvantaged children to become self-sufficient through educational and vocational training, provide preventive healthcare services, short- term financial support, and emergency relief program. The mission was true then and is still ...
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An Dưỡng Viện Phát Diệm

Gò Vấp, Sài Gòn - TP HCM, Việt Nam

An Dưỡng Viện Phát Diệm.

Chuyên mục:Quận Gò Vấp

Australia – Vietnam Joint Aid Program Strategy

Barton, ACT, Australia

The Australia – Vietnam Joint Aid Program Strategy guides Australia’s aid to Vietnam in priority areas. These priorities support Vietnam’s national poverty reduction strategy and plans for socio-economic development. In cooperation with other donors, we deliver aid through joint-programming ...
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